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  1. Dear Sir,

    We have launching bike taxi service in Kolkata by the name Instant Ride.

    We have started the service in small scale on demand 2 wheeler taxi service dedicated for single passangers.

    We are organaizing a campaign ADOPT A SAPLING on June 5 the World Enviroment Day by connecting all Bikers Groups in West Bengal and also raising an awareness about bike safety.

    We invite you to participate in the event and cover a story on us.


    A. Khan
    Founder – Instant Ride

    I am Bapi Das Baul (Subhendu Das) and I am one of the member of this family, I saw your article and got very much surprised of all those story, “Bob Dylan’s day in Kolkata for wedding, a Baul for a friend” in a weeding Bob Dylan came in Dhakuria, Kolkata!!!! This is not at all happened. Bob Dylan never came to our house in Dhakuria, Kolkata. This is totally lies, untrue and cheap idea to reach media’s and quickly people’s attention in this great moment when really a Legend going to receive his Nobel Prize.
    At that time I was living in that house 59/A, Maharaja tagore road, Dhakuria, Kolkata, with my parents too, in each days, each hours, each seconds and participate in all the family events. At that time, I was taking care of that marriage ceremony like in one Bengali family’s elder brother are doing. From booking sikka palace, guest invitation to foods.
    Also I assured you that, as Bob Dylan never came to Dhakuria, he neve went by car with anyone up to sikka palace in Ballygunge. Sorry, this is another lie story like some others.
    I saw the video report and understand that it is not only your mistake because in present of the baul icon those lies and untrue story happened and presented, then you should believe that. But as per it is your article, please you should check out or pay more attention.
    I am very proud and grateful that me, my brothers and my nephews are one of the member of this very oldest eight generation of Baul family who have so many history in past. So before anyone find out this craps and fake story, I apologize from my family for this big mistake to our futuer young genaretion.
    I like the real fact and truth have to be come on front. So I am taking responsibility to write this. I will put this statement to net also because stop more further confusions between fans and also my big respect for two legends.
    My contact:

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